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International Outreach Center
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    Thought provoking and heart examining revelations of God’s Word that will challenge you to experience the depths of the wisdom, knowledge and love of God.
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Welcome to Our Church

Connecting to God, Cultivating our Gifts, Changing our World…

At IOC, we are here to help you have a personal relationship with Jesus, to help you develop and grow in Christ-like character, to help you discover your gifts and your purpose, and to help you find your place of service to help others. A church isn’t a building—it’s people.

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Recent Posts: Going Deeper

Close As I Want To Be

We can “say” all we want to that we desire to draw closer to Him, but if we are not walking it out, we are deceiving ourselves. Pursuit is the proof of desire. In this week’s message, “Close As I Want To Be,” we will take an honest look at where we are really at. […]

His Promise Remains

  Someone needs this today. Years ago while driving I saw a beautiful rainbow, and this is what I heard The Lord say, “My promise remains, it has not changed.” The same is true for you. The promises He has given to you, and you KNOW IT, have not changed. Continue believing and pursuing what […]

Mission Miami Prayer Walk

Today (1st Wednesday of every month) is the Mission Miami Prayer Walk. The Mission Miami Prayer Walk is a movement among believers all across Miami to pray for their workplace, their school, neighborhood or wherever they find themselves that day. Miami is our City and our Mission, so lets take the presence of God and […]


What is YOUR Potential – Part 1 What is YOUR Potential – Part 2 Last week I posted Part 1 & 2 of “What is YOUR Potential.” Here is an excerpt: “Our potential in based on our purpose, and our purpose is connected to our passion. What we are passionate about, is a huge clue […]

What Is YOUR Potential? – Part 2

Read Part 1 All of us have been through many different experiences in life, some good some bad. Certain experiences can cause you to draw back from who you really are. If you expressed your truest self and it was met with a negative reaction in some way, it can cause you to withdraw that […]

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