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First 30 – Day 21 - International Outreach Center

First 30 – Day 21

Day 21 – Prayer

How do I communicate with my Father in heaven?

What a privilege to actually speak personally with the Lord of all heaven and earth at any moment!

Jesus’ disciples observed how much time He spent with His heavenly Father. One day they asked, “Can You teach us to pray?”

His response, often called “The Lord’s Prayer,” in Matthew 6:9–13 is a model. It focuses our attention on Him. It brings to Him our needs for provision, forgiveness and protection. And ends with praise.

Speak with Jesus as your best friend. Begin thanking and praising Him for His great love for you. Then tell Him your concerns. You can share anything with Him. He already knows, so don’t worry about shocking Him.

Many of David’s psalms are cries for help in times of trouble. In Psalms 17, 28, 61, 64, 70 and 86, David calls out to the Lord to hear and protect him.

When you know you have disappointed the Lord, come to Him immediately and ask for forgiveness. He will forgive, encourage, strengthen and bring clarity to your problems.

Remember, prayer is continual conversation with the One you are learning to love and trust. Just looking up into the sky and smiling at Him or giving your own hand a squeeze—as if holding the Lord’s hand—can immediately bring you into the closeness you need with Him.

Key Scripture

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer…with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” (Philippians 4:6).




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